Saturday, July 02, 2016
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Carbon Footprinting A carbon footprint is a declaration of a product’s impact on climate change, calculated in terms of the greenhouse gases produced throughout its lifecycle.
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Carbon Assessments and Audit We work with and assist clients in performing assessments on offices, factories, industrial processes and all types of industrial.
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Carbon Project Development Boutique Carbon provides a range of services, from initial assessment of project viability, through development of Emissions Reduction projects.
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The world today is facing a mounting crisis and in recent years we have experienced a combination of a global financial crisis, a food crisis, volatile oil prices, accelerating ecosystem degradation and an increasing number of climate-induced extreme weather events. These multiple and inter-related crises call into question the ability of a growing human population to live peacefully and sustainably on this planet, and demand the urgent attention governments and citizens around the world. From its humble origins stemming from the 1992 United Nations Conference on Environment and Development, climate change and global warming have today, come to the fore as key sustainable development issues. Governments world over are developing, evolving and implementing climate and energy policies and regulations that seek to (i) build adaptive capacity against the impacts of climate change, and (ii) arrest the release and growth of greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions in the atmosphere to globally agreed ‘safe’ levels. This, in short can be referred to as transitioning towards a green-economy. Facing regulatory, financial, operational and reputational risks arising from global warming, businesses and non-profit organizations are responding to stakeholder pressures and the positive ‘triple-bottom-line’ implications by taking the lead role in de-carbonising or ‘greening’ their organizational operations thereby minimizing their contribution towards global warming. To learn more about climate change and global warming, for knowledge centre visit Faqs.

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